• Is your company a supplier of metallic parts that require an anticorrosive electrophoretic coat?
  • Is your customer asking that your products have a uniformly finished paint coat with high quality and corrosion resistance?
  • Do you need your finished products to have a paint coat resistant to more than a thousand hours of salt spray test?
  • Are your projects considered to be high volume (+100,000 pieces a year)?

If you identify any of the questions above, do not worry, at PROESA you are in good hands. We are specialists in the application of E-Coat Paint (Electrophoretic Deposition Process) with fully automated lines that meet the quality requirements of a large number of customers in the Automotive, Home Appliance and Electronics industries.

Please get in touch with us through our phone numbers, or if you prefer, go to the Contact Section and send us your requirements so we can personally assist you.